Grid Connected Aims To Bring Together The Solar Industry


There’s something new and positive happening in the UK Solar PV & Renewables industry. In a bid to encourage discussion, support and business development for all, a new and unique Industry Business Networking group was launched in May. It’s informal and so simple that nobody has thought to do it before.

Grid Connected is a new, fun, event networking group which aims to meet at regular intervals throughout the year with a number of evening social events. It is specifically organised for professionals in the Solar PV and Renewables Industry. Grid Connected do nothing more than arrange relaxed social events where you can meet other like-minded people to chat about business opportunities in the world of solar pv and renewables.

The concept was formulated and put into practice by four industry professionals; Steve Gladman (Sales Director-O&M, PS Renewables), Carol Cloughley (Legal Director-Energy & Utilities Group, Bird & Bird), Alexa Thomas-Derrick (‎Director of Sales and Marketing- UAVONIC United Kingdom) and Ashley Williams (Director and co-founder-Igloo3).

With the solar/renewables market in a transitional period of non-subsidised deployment, and as it waits for true grid parity to allow large scale deployment once again, it continues to find ways of adapting its business models to ensure those involved remain creating business in the future. Many are diversifying into battery storage, digitalisation or taking their skills abroad and setting up offices in the US, India, Australia, Latin America and elsewhere.

Steve Gladman explained; “What the solar and renewable market key players do today is writing the future history of this industry and it is key that we stay connected with each other to trade ideas, find common ground to do business together, find mutually beneficial ways of making this industry robust, resilient and…………. …what’s a good slogan that hasn’t been overused yet in recent weeks……strong and stable. The idea behind Grid Connected is to facilitate that connectedness in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, meeting old friends and making new ones."